Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not in MY town!

(Potential letter to the Editor)

To the concerned citizens of Bisbee,

As many of you may have noticed, there's a new disruptive presence in out town, and it's reeking havoc on Brewery Gulch!
It's name is Joseph Klinger, and he needs to be stopped dead in his tracks!
First he took a lovely, historic building and turned it into THIS eyesore!

If this isn't bad enough, he then took a perfectly lovely, over-grown abandoned lot and turned it into an "art project" he calls a dog park! The nerve of some people!

He seems to think that cleaning up the dog poop all over the neighborhood, and giving dogs a shady park with water is going to put him in our good graces...think again Mr. Klinger, I wasn't born yesterday! Your not going to pull the wool over MY eyes!

Every day he adds more junk to this heap of trash he calls "functionable art".
Imagine my horror when I drove by yesterday and saw THIS new edition to his menagerie of trash!

I demand this man return our empty lot and all it's dog poop to the tax-paying citizens of Bisbee.
Not in MY town, Mr. Klinger! Poop on you!

Mrs. Edna Kravitz


Louise S. Monkey said...

The nerve of some people. What do think this is, an art town!

Anonymous said...

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Brian said...

Joe's a really nice guy, I know him personally.
I think what he did to the abandoned lot was incredible.
It's a lot to the area, people love it, it's really awesome and is physically hurting no one at all.
I for one indefinitely commend Joe Klinger.