Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leslie Hall and Hillary Clinton

At last! It's been years in the making. The missing link has been linked. The Leslie Hall/ Hillary Clinton connection has been made!


love23 said...

Great Gretchen!!!!!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Too much fun! I wish you were there.
Leslie wants to play Bisbee next time, that will be the best!

James said...

Oh man! Wasn't that show THE BEST? When my and my pal Alyssa drove up to the hotel, we saw your Bisbeemobile(as we refer to it haha :P) and were like "OMG GRETCHEN IS HERE." I'm glad we got to see you again! :)

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Oh good James, I'm glad you found me here!
I of-course lost your e-mail due to a lack of a pocket.
I post all the things I think are the most fun here in Bisbee, so stay tuned.
Send me your e-mail as well, though to

Anonymous said...

Have some best......



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