Friday, April 24, 2009

Flying dreams

I woke up this morning from an excellent flying dream.
I dreamt I was at home on the Vineyard. I went to the thrift shop and found a big brown fuzzy blanket of sorts that was made out of foam and brown fur.
I took this blanket outside onto our street and held it behind me like wings. It was windy and twilight.
I flapped my arms and the wind swept me up into the air just a few feet.
I spent this windy early evening playing with my new discovery.

All my friends were going to play "twilight tennis", so I flew along.
My mother was with me to make sure I didn't fly too high, and pull me back if I did.
I saw a perfect photo Op, and called to my mother to take this photo, and she did.

The sun was going down behind me, shining through my wings. Yellow, orange, brown, and red.
I was wearing a brown fur hat with ears and a pretty bad-ass brown outfit. I posed like a super hero.

This afternoon I tried to paint the basic feeling and gestures.
It was much cooler than this though.


kcmustang said...

You are a Super Hero. And i love your dreams!!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Thanks K.C!

Anonymous said...

Good article...
Thank U for sharing...



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