Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tune in for torture!

I've been invited to be on BISBEE RADIO ( streams on the net) tonight at 7 PM Arizona time.
This week's theme is "musicals".
I will be blowing the dust off some of the worst musicals ever, such as....

"THE BATHROOMS ARE COMING!" An "American Standard" industrial musical.
This was one of my favorites growing up, I still know all the words... scary!

LET MY PEOPLE COME! A nude musical. Turns out one of Bisbee's own is featured on this album.
Tune in to find out who!

I'll be mining the depths of stinky musicals, so tune in for torture!
Call in and harass us at 520-432-1400


Charlene said...

Uh, thanks for warning me (um, I mean, letting me know!). I'll be tuning in!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Youv'e been warned!

Anonymous said...

Thank U for sharing...



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