Friday, April 24, 2009

Dreams and forgetting

For almost a year I have been hounding my friend Melissa to send me a painting that I'd left at her house in North Carolina during the campaign.
It was a painting I did of Hillary, and it was signed by Bill.

It finally arrived at my house yesterday, yea!
Along with this painting came a surprising item I had completely forgotten about...

Over the past year I have found myself pondering this question, "Did Hillary ever sign one of my Melmac plates?"
Deep in my mind's eye I imagined Hillary signing the plate I made depicting her standing in my favorite childhood invention called "Rainbow Candyland". I decided this was only a dream. I was sure I sold that plate in the Hill-art auction.

Well, ta-Da, check out this classic piece of memorabilia!


Note that I made this back in 2007-vintage Hillary!

Though I have no recollection of her signing this plate, I unearthed this photo today which proves it actually happened.

Funny what we forget.

These forgotten items were also in the box...

My up-coming art show is looking bigger and brighter than ever!


kcmustang said...

great post. It is funny what we forget. It is also funny that there are somethings that i wish i could forget and there are things that are forgotten that i wish i could remember but are already forgotten hmmm

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Exactly. How can Hillary signing "Rainbow Candyland" be completely erased from my mind and some dumb thing I once said stuck there for eternity?

Maria said...

That's amazing!! So tell me, is Bill Clinton even MORE gorgeous in person???? :D

love23 said...

You should have asked me, I remember her signing the plate and telling you don't sell that one!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing!


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