Friday, January 9, 2009

Dueling Banjos

It's the nail-biting final hours of the 70's song Blog-Off challenge!
The finalists are Charlene and the team of Louise and Chew-mee.
But wait! A new development!
Louise the Sock Monkey has threatened Chew-mee with her rifle, and Chew-mee has hit the hills.

This leaves just Louise and Charlene.

Louise waits outside of Charlene's house.

Louise was last spotted camped outside of Charlene's house with a shotgun in one hand, and her laptop in the other.
She has uppped the anti and is challenging Charlene to a duel.
From now until midnight, Charlene and Louise can only post Western songs from the 70's.
The duel is on!


kcmustang said...

good stuff GB... thanks for the daily smile ~

bisbohemian said...

This is the movie that introduced the phrase... "Squeal Like a Pig" and made me unable to watch Ned Beatty act in any role without thinking about... well..

...."You gotta pretty mouth there, boy..."


Chew-Mee said...

mmmmm I may be wrong about this but I tink dat since U R da one dat started dis game but posted da least amount of songs.It is you dat should be da one giving Louise 'Sippy' for all of 2009! So when does da 80's Song Off start?

Charlene said...

That is one of the most awesome scenes from a very cool (and intense) movie. I remember seeing that with a group of friends when it first came out. One of the lines I recall is "this ain't one of your fucking games, Lewis"...among many others (like the squeal like a pig, and you sure got a purty mouth, boy)...yep yep...the 70's. Such a trip.

Hey, by the way - is there a winner? Not that there really NEEDS to be. Everyone is awesome. And, where is Louise now?

Anonymous said...

One of the good scenes..........



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