Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Jenny Brown Week!

Yesterday my bird-friend Toulouse and I spent the day in the mountains with none other than the infamous Kelly Galligan and Jenny Brown.
Kelly and Toulouse are already old friends.
Toulouse and Jenny, Patron Saint of Animals, got off to a great start and hit it off instantly!

Toulouse and I had a long talk in an eagle's nest, and made a big decision....

This week is Officially "Jenny Brown week"!

You can tune into Bisbee Radio all this week to find out where Jenny Brown is going to be to accept gifts.
Get your Jenny Brown on!


Charlene said...

I had a feeling Jenny would take to Toulouse (and vice versa). You're an animal (bird?) advocate yourself - bringing Toulouse back from NYC where he was just pining away for Debbie Harry, who seems to have forgotten him...and, bringing him to Southeast Arizona. Yay to both of you!

Louise S. Monkey said...

Would she like a Sock Monkey?

Vince said...

Great columns.....



UR choice movie at your place