Friday, January 9, 2009

The winner takes it all!

Today is the last day of the "70's Song-Off Blogger's Challenge", where bloggers have to use 1970's song titles or words from those songs as their blog post titles. It's been an interesting week!
Charlene and Louise are neck and neck.
Wendy, Perrie, and I are trailing so far behind these two that there is no hope for us.
Good try, Wendy and Perrie, but little did we know we are up against almost super-human bloggers!

My count says:

Charlene: 26
Louise: 33

I may be off on my count so contestants should give their own tallies.
Now blogging quality is also taken into consideration, not just quantity.
So ultimately the readers will be the judge.

Charlene and Louise, you have until midnight to duke it out! The winner takes it all!
All of what, you might ask?
The honor of the Grand Title of "Winner of the 70's Song-Off Blogger's Challenge", ofcourse!

ABBA perform their classic 70's hit "The winner takes it all".


Tour Wonk said...

I just want to have soup and blog all day long... and I guess I'll be watching Best In Show now too.

Thank goodness I'm not that competitive... I didn't realize it was a win or lose challenge! I just loved the idea of 70's songs/themes for titles.

Way to go to everyone who took it on!

El-Change-O! said...

Hell, ya! You know what they say, Wendy, "It's not how you play the game, but how you win", or something like that!
Call me!

Jess said...

It was all in good fun, and that's just what its been. We will do a tally counting only songs that qualify...

Jess said...

Can up with 31 for Louise and co. (I did four, but only 2 qualify... 29 for him) We will see...

Anonymous said...

Great fun.....
thank U for post.......



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