Monday, January 19, 2009

Petting and jetting

I'm getting ready to hit the road and jet off to Sayulita, Mexico.
After a strenuous day of interviewing cat petters, I finally decided on none other than the fabulous
Wendy Layton!

I decided not to bring my computer, but I will be blogging on my Ipod, so if my blogs looked ragged and sloppy, I hope you'll cut me some slack!
Speaking of ragged and sloppy, this seems to be the look I'll be sporting in Mexico. I like to call it "Shipwreck chic".

Tomorrow brings us a brand new Government, a Government that we all helped bring to reality.
A Government that we can all be proud of and be a part of.
I hope everyone kicks it into to high gear and celebrates in style!

Now, if you'll excuse me.... I've got some roaming to do!


love23 said...

Go Wendy! Go Gretchen! Go Shawnee!

Charlene said...

love that video! Have a great trip! We'll keep Bisbee for you & you both will be missed!

Louise S. Monkey said...

Well I'm outside all packed up and ready to go.Where the hell are you?

Anonymous said...

Great VDO.....
thank U for sharing........



UR choice movie at your place