Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lazy Days of the H.C.A.

Lazy days, you know the kind of day you might spend in a park enjoying the sun, laughing and goofing off.
It's a care-free day of fun, flowers and freedom. The sun is shining, children are laughing, birds are singing, kites are flying ... all that stuff.
"Lazy Day" by "Spanky and Our Gang" best evokes the mood.
Roxanne and I are putting together a radio show about these kinds of "parks and recreation" songs.
We are trying to get a radio interview with Spanky McFarlane herself.
This show will be aired on some yet-to-be-decided sunny afternoon. We will be encouraging you to pack a picnic, and take your radio (or computer) to the park, tune in, and enjoy!

With this as my inspiration, I bring you "Lazy days of the H.C.A."...


kcmustang said...

Fun post!
It is cold, wet and very very snowy and windy here. Based on the snow that sits on top of the birdhouse in my backyard i think 5 inches have already fallen...and it is to continue to end of the day...yikes.

hope things work out for the Spanky interview ... another great vid GB

El-Change-O! said...

Yikes! I hope the birds are O.K.! Are they having a bird party inside their house?

kcmustang said...

One bird did not do so good...others are having a karaoke party ..i heard the the tail end of "Edge of Seventeen" and then a They Might be Giants tune "bird house in your soul" cranked up ... sad actually ... no fire to keep them warm ... but they are better neighbors than my other noisy neighbors

Charlene said...

Of all the cool stuff I know how to do on my computer, I don't know how to make a slideshow set to my own music for YouTube. O, Big Brass, please instruct me? Thanks!

El-Change-O! said...

Sure Charlene.
Stay warm, KC!

Anonymous said...

Funny post........



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