Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amelia Earhart

Interesting evidence is arising over the discovery of what might be Amelia Earhart's campsite on the island of Nikumaroro south of Hawaii. It is speculated that she spent her final days here after her plane crashed.
Like Hillary Clinton, Amelia was a major champion of women''s rights. She traveled all over the world to promote equality of the sexes.Pretty cool.
I think this merits putting on our aviator gear and listening to the Handsome Family's song, "Amelia Earhart".
Some of the H.C.A. are taking an unofficial road trip tomorrow to go see the Handsome family, maybe even wearing flight wear, who knows.


love23 said...

Oh I love that video and that song. I am gathering together all my Handsome Family cd's. Seeing them live was a very spectacular experience!

Flying Mermaid said...

George and I actually lived in Amelia Earhart's house for a while. It was cool, but a little freaky, for various reasons.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Interesting? Where? My brother lived in the Linberg's house, not nearly as impressive, but still kind of weird. Do tell us more!