Monday, July 13, 2009

Pantsuit Land

                     PANTSUIT LAND
 (to be sung to the tune of an old Irish sea shanty)
  (This song goes out to my boyfriend, Shawnee)

Fare thee well, Dear Lover,
I hope you understand,
I'm going away my Darling,
I'm going to Pantsuit Land.

I've found greener pastures,
fields of emerald green,
fuchsia, peach, and plum have I,
teal and tangerine.

I wish you could come with me
in a pantsuit of brightest blue,
but I know your heart isn't in it,
and this I can't ask of you.

I'm going away to ramble,
dancing in the sand,
summer's colors are calling me,
I must go to Pantsuit Land.

As Pantsuit Land turns to Autumn,
shades no longer bright and bold,
I'll come home my darling,
in a Pantsuit of pure gold.
In a Pantsuit of pure gold.


Tour Wonk said...

I believe I have video of you singing this little jig... it brought a wee tear to my eye..

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I'm sure it did.

Hillary Clinton Army said...
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Charlene said...

I'm all choked up....

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Such a sad little ditty.

Anonymous said...

Good post......



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