Sunday, July 26, 2009

Consultation at Pantsuit Institute

I had a consultation at the Institute today from two experts in the field of art, art cars, and spectacle.
Internationally famous, Harrod Blank, taking a short break from his world tour of promoting his new movie, Automorphosis,dropped by to take a look.
                      Harrod Blank

 Kate Pearson, renowned Art Car Royalty and Paintress Supreme, also made the scene.

                        Kate Pearson

Here's what they had to say...
Harrod suggested I look at cars and pantsuits like a blank canvas. 
You drive into an art event in a pristine white car and white pantsuit... and you leave the event looking, oh, just a little more decorative. 
Harrod should know...

                The Camera Van

                 The Flash Bulb Suit

Kate, on the other hand, took a whole different spin...

Kate went into a psychic trance and determined which of my new paintings would definitely sell.
I hope she is right.
Thanks Kate and Harrod for the consultation, I very much appreciate it!


Tour Wonk said...

You are lucky to have the incredibly talented Kate and Harrod around! Sounds like the consult was faboo!


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Faboo indeed!

love23 said...

Oh my, I love love love all the amazing works you have been hard working at, daily. I know that for sure you will sell lots and lots of the wonderful new series, but specifically all that I predicted and more!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Thank you always Kate for all your support!