Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Evening with a Vampire

Only a few of us dared to tread into the dark unknown tonight, to celebrate Julia's 400th birthday.
But those of us who ventured to the Mountain Cave of of Immorality found it well worth the journey.
Julia welcomes her guests with a champagne toast.

 Vampire life to suit me well, perhaps too well. I can envision an eternity of stomping around in a mountaintop castle ruins.

Far above the world of the peasants, we watch.

There is no concept of time for the H.C.A.. We wait.

My distain for the world below is palpable.  People with their busy little lives, acting as if it matters.

We are alone but for each other.


 So alone.
After an evening of perfect malaise, Julia returns alone to her cave, until this time again next year.


Tour Wonk said...

You are not alone... those voices in your head will never leave you.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

That is just so comforting.

Anonymous said...

Great article....



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