Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breaking news!

Art Envoy Jade has really taken things too far!!!
Jade went and broke her right elbow last night just like Hillary Clinton. 

We didn't mean you had to actually hurt yourself, Jade! 
You could have worn a State Department sling simply as a fashion statement.
This whole "Slings for Solidarity" thing has gotten out of control!
I hope other Art Envoys don't get the same idea!

        ( Art Envoys wearing Slings for Solidarity and playing with their gold watches)
I wonder if I can score one of those cool Government issued sling seals from the State Department for Jade? 
And what about a State Department gold watch on a chain?
Oh boy, this really may take some doing!


Jess said...

Funny that is just what Jade said. Ha, she is really serious about this envoy thing. Broken elbow might need surgery.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Completely sucks. Hillary explicitly said "Don't break your elbow, it hurts like hell" in one of her recent speeches.

Flying Mermaid said...

Oh, no! Poor Jade!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Totally sucks. She wasn't supposed to take it all so literally! But then Jade never does anything half-assed!

Vince said...

Funny that is just what Jade said.



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