Saturday, July 11, 2009

This just in from Hillcar Satelite...

Beep... Beep... Beep...

H.C.A. secret agents have been scouring Martha's Vineyard for information regarding Chelsea Clinton's wedding and have come up empty handed.
All caterers are reporting the same thing.... no calls from the Clintons. 
Could the wedding not be taking place on the Vineyard after all?
Could the Clinton's be bringing their own caterers?
Is one of these caterers doing the smart thing and not telling the truth?
Does anyone really know what time it is?
Does anyone even care?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind....


Flying Mermaid said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised that they'd have their own caterers. Sucks, though.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Hey lady... yes, it's a mystery wrapped inside a riddle!

Charlene said...

I agree with the Mermaid...pretty sure that if they hired caterers right there it would be all over the Vineyard in a hot second.

The whole thing sounds very exciting! Perhaps an Envoy undercover working for a caterer might do the trick?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Mermaid..


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