Monday, July 13, 2009

Sacrificial Pantsuit

One pantsuit must die so that the others may live.
 That pantsuit has been chosen.

                   MEET THE CHOSEN ONE

 Yes, you, mint green check pantsuit, are the chosen one. 
You shall live in on in small pieces on the back of each and every pantsuit painting.
Fare thee well sweet pantsuit.
You came from the 70's.
Your tag, "Bleyle for Hooper", says you were made in Germany.
I didn't know they made polyester pantsuits in Germany.
Who wore you, and why, we will never  know.
But your life was not in vain. For you shall represent other, less fortunate, pantsuits.

Goodbye, goodbye. 

 Does anyone have any additional last words they would like to say?


Jess said...

I have no last words for the suit but I love that pic of you...

Louise S. Monkey said...

Time to thin the herd...

Hillary Clinton Army said...

The deed is done.

Anonymous said...

"Why,Why ME??
The mint Green one said.
" Why not the Grey one,
She's better off Dead!!"

"Green is the color of Nature,you
Green the color of money and tea.
Green the color of my blood that you spill
The Grey ones the one,the one you must KILL"

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Good one! You are so right, the grey one was the one that should have died, but all things in life are not fair.

Charlene said...

Goodbye Aqua Fresh Green pantsuit - thank you for your sacrifice to the cause.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Aqua Fresh, I like that.

Charlene said...

Makes me want to brush my teeth....

Vince said...

Good one..
Thank u for post........



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