Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Behold the Pantsuit!

Ever since Hillary Clinton first laid claim to the Pantsuit, I haven't been able to look at them in the same way.
Where as before I thought of them as horrible polyester atrocities filling up thrift stores everywhere, I now consider them to be magical garments from heaven. 
Their crazy-bright colors, their polyester perfection, their womanly cut.
AAAAAHHHH! (Hear the choirs of angels sing).
 Behold, for it is a wonderous creation. Let us call it "The Pantsuit" and always spell it with a capital P. We must sing it's glories far and wide!
Do such splendorous garments grow on trees?
I think not, for their brilliant colors  are not of this earth.

We must worship them. We must liberate them from their thrift store prisons and give them the life they deserve!

And in return they shall giveth to us a thousand fold!

Glor-o-o-ory, Glor-o-o-ory, Glo-o-o-ory Gloria,  in exChelsea's dayo!


Lily T said...

I would say 'disregard the last comment' but it's obvious you're way ahead of me, hah hah.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Way fun!

love23 said...

Love this painting ALOT! and the unfinished Jujy fruit painting above it, big fave of mine!

Roxane said...

Could Lilly be the next Yoko Ono?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I definitely see the resemblance. I think we should secretly test her by seeing how she reacts when we ask her to make up an impromptu poem about a grapefruit.

Charlene said...

Pantsuits have made a HUGE comeback, thanks to you!