Friday, September 26, 2008

From the twisted brain of Chew-mee

On December 21,2012 "Stiffy the Mayan Wonder Cat" will raise up from the underworld. Spewing a vomit mixture of Oil,Gold and Blood that has been ripped from the Earth,to pull the pin on the intergalactic hand grenade. As the little E.T. 'Gort' phones home to say,"Yep putting humans on Earth was a huge mistake,let's start this thing again."

Have A Nice Day, Chew-Mee

Stay tuned for the evil monster GOP, coming soon!

1 comment:

CHEW-MEE said...

BB,Tank u 4 posting Stiffy I hope he no make everybodee too sick......."The Gop" will b here soon, he much more evil.Beee-cause where Stiffy is just Mayan Prophecy.Da "Gop" is real...............