Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where have all the Hillary supporters gone?

Out on the Campaign trail I met all kinds of Hillary supporters. People who have given everything they have for Hillary. All their money, all of their time, and all their passion was dedicated to the goal of seeing Hillary as our next president. It was a great honor to work among this dedicated group of people, and I made some great friends along the way.

Now that Hillary is no longer a candidate, everyone has scattered every which way. You never know where the Hill-road may lead you. So it's always best when meeting a hardcore Hillary supporter to ask first before embarking on a rant.
Today I've decided to organize this lost tribe into categories.

THE SHIP JUMPERS These people quietly and seemingly effortlessly jumped ship over to Obama. They very rationally put party first, and they didn't let their emotions get in the way. Many have played this game of politics before, and recognize the signs of a sinking ship well before the rest of us do.

THE KICKERS AND SCREAMERS These people did not have an easy time leaving Hillary and supporting Obama. They kicked and screamed and fought until the bloody end. They only gave up the fight and joined Obama after there was no fight left.

GONE FERAL These people have gone feral on the Democratic party and are now voting Republican. Their strong support for Hillary has somehow been transformed into strong support for McCain, I'm not exactly sure why. Some will defend Sarah Palin to the death, others will not, but all will agree they will NEVER support Barack Obama.

SCRAPPERS These people dance to the beat of their own drum. They intend to write Hillary in, regardless of whether this makes any real sense.

THE PARTY POOPERS These people are disgusted by it all, and since Hillary did not win, they will sit this dance out.

THE PARTY PLANNERS These people are either inventing a new Democratic party, or are already working on 2012 plan for Hillary. Your guess is as good as mine as to what they'll do in the voting booth this November!

Have I missed any?

I consider myself in the "Kickers and screamers" category. I was there in Denver at the Hillary march. I gnawed on the bones till there was nothing left but to say but "I give... alright already, I'll vote Obama!"

If you were a hardcore Hillary supporter, where are you now?


Switzer said...

While I am certain Hillary would not get kicked around the way Obama has been the last couple of weeks, Obama holds most of the same ideas and beliefs that HRC promised to work for. McBush it the antithesis of everything that Sen. Clinton stands for, so it was with sadness, but no strain that I because an Obama voter the day in June when HRC asked us to vote for him.


Anonymous said...

This blog has really lost it's spark :(

Dr.Von Frankensleaze said...

WTF? Did you see SP on ABC? She is a FUCKIN NUT JOB! END OF STORY! IF GOP WINS WE MOVE TO MEXICO! So in 2009 it's ether Obama or Calderon(Mex Prez)for us! Because that moose hunting bible thumping pyscho bitch and warmongering old-fart will take us to war with Russia,Iran and beyond! But hey it's God's War so it's ok.

El-Change-O! said...

I hate her. I really do.

Tour Wonk said...

So glad you are a kicker and screamer... I would expect nothing less of you my dear!