Friday, September 12, 2008

I hate Sarah Palin

She is way too much for me, I can't hold it back any more. I've tried to take the high road, but forget it, I am sickened.
Feel free to spew all the hate you want in the comments section.


chew-mee said...

She kind of lik Pol Pot but wit lipstick......

Flying Mermaid said...

Can't imagine why you were ever considering the high road with this lowly beast!

So comforting to hear another monkey-faced Republican who can no more pronounce the word "nuclear" than differentiate between war and a higher power.

El-Change-O! said...

All that work trying to get Hillary elected, and out of nowhere comes this despicable creature making a mockery or it all!

Lulu Zoe West said...

I sense a bit of envy here for Sarah and a sense of no worth of self here.
Sarah truly does bring out the worst in women who do not feel comfortable with themselves.
Catty remarks without substance are so stupid.
Change your glasses. Comb your hair. Get a life. Know what life means. Or, keep your love for Hillary blind in not recognizing another quality and qualified leader for women and America.
Hillary was used and abused by her husband and the Democrat party who threw her aside.
Talk about empty promises.
Obama also full of self and empty promises and lots of anger and not knowing who he reall is.
Here for Sarah Louise Heath Palin and John Sidney McCain. All the way to the White House !!!
I don't love or hate any of them (Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin); I either endorse what their platforms are or I do not. And, so my choice will be for that of the Republican party! Now, that's progress with love.

Anonymous said...

Tell them Lulu!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, never saw so many women who hate themselves and other women!