Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party

Sarah Palin used to be in an organization called the "Alaskan Independence Party" or AIP. The goal of the AIP was to secede from the United States. The AIP's motto was "Alaska First, Alaska Always". Now I happen to know a little about secession, as the island that I grew up on, Martha's Vineyard, attempted to do the same thing back in 1977.
I was only 14 years old at the time, but I still thought this was an incredibly dumb idea.

Here is our Martha's Vineyard Secession flag. At the time it was everywhere. I even had the T-shirt.

I still remember the "Island secession song"... by heart, no less. Now that's pretty scary!

It goes...

T'was the big freeze of '77
group got together numberin' 'bout eleven
Farmers and fishermen, selectmen too,
Islanders all to decide what to do.
A rallying cry was heard Island through
"It's time to secede from YOU KNOW WHO!"

( I could go on, but I'll spare you that!)

Now I ask you, what was a grown women (who if we aren't careful could become our Vice President), doing in such a ridiculous organization?


Anonymous said...

Dear Gretchen, I am so over joyed that you are sharing the softer side of Sarah Palin with us. What a women! I mean I know who's number 1 on my next pool party invite...You know they just don't make gals like Sarah anymore.( That's because now at birth we can change a child into their over ruleing gender with sugery...My guess is Sarah is all testosteronie from her stars down to her stripes!!!) And wow, a women who has the balls (maybe 2 sets...) to blow the shit out of a wolf from a airplane. Yeeha!!! (Personaly I don't enjoy flying that much.)You know it seems odd to me that Sarah has an issue with abortion. She sure as shit has no problem killing everything else that moves. Oh, but wait, That's because "God" wants her to keep anything that falls out of her uterus. As long as it's white,christian,a future member of the NRA and All American. Well because of the inspiration I have gotten from Sarah, I am going to start praying to God also. I am going to be praying that she and that baby gerbal looking old dude McCain NEVER, EVER get into the white house. And I love What Cindy McCain said about Ms. Palin's foreign experience??? ( This is too good!!!) She said: "Well, Alaska is the closest part of the U.S. to Russia" WTF??? Ya Cindy, and your 300 face lifts have your ass in your brain. Tell me we the people by the people and for the people are smarter then this bunch of clowns. In the words of Sarah Palin "God save us" mo

Julie Roads said...

Hi Gretchen! Had no idea you were from the Vineyard...I live in West Tis...I ranted, I mean wrote, about Sarah Palin on my blog today...check it out www.bloggingroads.com.
And keep up the good fight!!! If one more Republican says that now the Hilary supporters have found a new candidate in SP, I will BARF.
Talk soon,

El-Change-O! said...

Go Mo!
Julie, just the way Sarah nonchalantly went about being in labor drives me nuts, ( check out the pregnancy chart I posted in the next post down). And that's just the tip of the iceberg!
O.K., I'm waiting for someone to correct me, do they have icebergs in Alaska? If so, Sarah Palin seems to be sitting on top of one!

chew-mee said...

Did anyone watch da RNC last night? And see dat chinless,spineless Lie-berman almost begging for Dems to vote GOP.

Flying Mermaid said...

Being a fucktard, that's what.

On an almost unrelated topic -- I ever tell you all my toes got frost bitten on the Vineyard in that 77 freeze?

Anonymous said...

no woman with children should be allowed to have an important job like that, it just doesn't work out

El-Change-O! said...

I don't know this story, Flying Mermaid, but it sounds like it could be a part of the MV National Anthem.