Monday, September 15, 2008

Julia's thoughts on Hillary Clinton Island

This is Julia, and here are some of her thoughts on Hillary Clinton Island.

I am pleased to be able to share my ideas for Hillary Clinton Island. I've been in on a few of the rap sessions about this Island and you can save me your questions of,"Where is the potable water?" "Will there be a cell tower?" and "How can we avoid another Jonestown?" These are small minded thoughts. Better questions are, "Will I wear a mini white toga with gold, lace up sandals or a diaphaneous gown of teal and pink to the temple dance?" This isn't going to be a cult situation so I am not going to pass any edicts on sex or food or religion. Instead I would ask that it be more like a Club Med crossed with a posh girl's summer camp. Personal freedom and self-determination rule the day. But there are activities and a dress code that are encouraged. I think it would be cool if everyone ran everywhere. It would make us buff and healthy and pant a little which is always sexy. I would like the women to wear white mini dress togas with golden headbands and matching lace up gold sandals. I recommend that the men wear white mini togas or gold speedos. Which brings me to activities. I would like it if the men dedicated themselves to gymnastics. Men look so good when they are on the rings. The women could compete in the Island Olympics. Track racing, archery, skeet shooting and swimming and ceramics. It would keep us mentally alert and physically excellent. For down time, I imagine that we all hang out at the temple. This is where a giant golden Hillary Clinton Idol is placed deep in the shadows. There we dance, place dates and clementines in tribute at her mighty feet, make music and eat grapes. I suggest the women wear tight belly dancing dresses in a variety of colors. For the men I like leopard fur togas.
I want for Hillary Clinton Island what I fear will be lost in a McCain America. Glamour, fun and freedom.


Please go to this link to see the Hillary Clinton Island temple dance

Temple dance


Anonymous said...

Dear Gretchen,

Thank you for your inquiry about "Hillary Clinton Island".

The island is a gem, very close to Cebaco to benefit from developments that are coming up. (residential projects, airport, marina etc); but still far enough to be secluded. It has several beaches and has quite some surf potential.

The island does not possess fresh water, however a basin to capture rainwater will greatly cover the water needs.

There is no topographical map of the island, elevations are high enough to be protected from waves and to provide spectacular ocean views from all over the island.

The island is still available; we represent the owner. After having received your inquiry I double checked with the owner regarding the availability; it is still available, but he would like to raise the price. If I were you I would just ignore that fact when you consider to making an offer.



chew-mee said...

I feel sooooo kinky 2day so I hav 2 vids 2 share wit u all...........1st is for Bush & GOP...........2nd is for Obama....enjoy

chew-mee said...

2day is music day..I work'n on new eel dance...Now let me see I hav Bush & GOP with da past 8years covered in 1st song. Den Obama in 2nd who I got miss'n? Oh yea! Dis song 4 U McCain/Palin.....because I be damned if U tink U going 2 da WH in Nov..And bring even more new world order shit! Also since you just love people that are like this bands name.......

El-Change-O! said...

Here is one of my all-time video faves and one of my greatest sources of inspiration for life on Hillary Clinton Island...

I hope you like it too.


Zoe's Travel's said...

OK, at least now I know where to go on vacation - the 'ol to-do list just got a little easier.

love, love, love, zoe

El-Change-O! said...

Your going to love, it, I'm just working on the details now.