Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hillary on Good Morning America

Just in case in missed this...

Hillary sure isn't biting when it comes Palin. They don't call her "High Road Hillary" for nothing!


Anonymous said...

Hedda Hey duh Hey there...the bumble bee queen is yet riding on the coat tails of Willy thing and she is and was enabler. The Village ignores child abuse for everyone knows that Bill did not have sex with that trailer trash woman; his Willy did.
And Bumble Bee and Foster have something in common; she is alive and he is not while taking retreats together. Getting close to the hive and too close, well we all know the history of hives and the worker bees...it's so long honey.
And the HILL eats meat that Sarah shoots. All kinds.
Obama wants to force lipstick on a pig and would love to try it.
Good bye HILL - go back to BILL. He's too old to not take you back and now he needs you for some kind of legacy that leaves out sex as his number one issue in office.
Make way for McCaine and Palin.
Abortion will stay legalized; you just won't be able to harvest stem cells from those aborted so much and moreover, you can all look so virginal by not having a child after all.
For after all, children get in the way of self and life.
Leaves women to become the hunters for sex in the city and the country and any old time at any time without values .... just self self self and wanton self desires.
This is not to include those who have an abortion and do not use abortion as a means of birth control.
Hill is over the Hill and most timely. So move over for Sarah!
The Hill says that Sarah has ascended too quickly and but ...ohh so beautifully and with glasses on yet. Eat crow Hill. Family to Hill is self while hoping Will will stop being himself. And don't leave out Chelsy. For we have not left out the children of Sarah. One kid, for crying out loud, and the Hill needs a village with idiots to support her and she has them too. I smell envy here. Grama said big families were beautiful; the HILL wants you to abort them all save what she feels worthy to have.
UGH! And you worry about eating animals! While killing babies aka children of America. Go away. This is not freedom; this is murder of unborn Americans who have no voice, no choice, no matter in being.
Have a nice day and a nice life without thinking about things or people or babies; and hug your animal, close to you and closer to you than people.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is not the answer. Sarah Pallin is.
Also, McCain will bring about values, prosperity, and lower taxes.
No one has the right to own another so Hillary, Obama, and Biden are just so wrong for America.

Anonymous said...

Theyr'e baaack!

El-Change-O! said...

I'm sorry, I'm not qualified professional, I'm just a blogger.
I suggest you begin with calling your local social services. They may being to give you the help you need.

Jess said...

Gretch,shut that door!...You are letting all the the nut bags in!

El-Change-O! said...

I'm trying to track down which door they're coming in through!