Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin's e-mail

It's kind of like collecting sea shells before the tide comes in and takes them all away.

Here's what it says....

decisions affecting the state on behalf of the state for the good of the people.

Do I know the duties of the VP? Of-course! And hailing all the way from the 49th state, it will be an honor to serve you as our Nation's 49th vice president.
1)I'm first in line to the presidency, 2)I preside over the Senate , and 3) I carry forth any duty delegated to me by the president.
My comments were based on the fact our constitutional framers loosely defined the duties of the vice president, and assign no executive power to the vice president.
Essentially, the vice president is a significant a position as the president wants it to be. I'm confident President McCain picked me as his vp running mate becuase he believes I can play a significant role in his administration. He will have every confidence delegating authority to

It ends there.

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