Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shawnee's birthday party

Here's some shots from Shawnee's 40th birthday party last night. I'll get back to politics soon, I'm too floored by John McCain's "the cat ate my homework" stunt to even comment on that one for the moment.

Party boy Shawnee


Lena, Suzanne , Suzanne's breasts, and Jesse

Julia and Charlene

Suzanne and I

Louise Sock monkey makes the scene

and meets Fiona Flamingo


Peyton, Larry, and Todd


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shawnee!!!!!! Do you have any ideas as how to cover " The Garden of good and evil" for the N.E. winter? at the moment we have a tripod holding up a tarp.I'm afraid if water gets under the tarp and freezes the china and glass pieces will crack. Love Jackie-O------------big storm outside(i hope)at the moment.

El-Change-O! said...

I think just tying a tarp over it would be fine. But it is an outdoor piece and will be subject to the outdoors! Unless of-course you bring it inside, then it will be an indoor piece!