Friday, September 19, 2008

Hillary and Sarah/ compare and contrast

Sarah Palin loves to compare herself to Hillary Clinton. She seems to think she is picking up where Hillary left off. She feels she deserves to walk off with all the glory that came from years and years of fighting for equality by women like Hillary and many others. To make matters worse, Sarah would love nothing better than to take away many of the achievements that these women won for us.
Just for fun, let's compare an old photo of Sarah Palin as a teenager, to one of Hillary Clinton at the same age.
You know what they say..."a picture says a thousand words."

Here's Sarah in college ( one of the 5 or 6 she attended). She clearly thinks she's sexy and cute. I'm guessing her thoughts are on beauty, boys and basketball. I imagine she is wondering what time the party is starting and what she should wear. She may also be stewing on how she hates her room-mate, or how she is going to win the basketball tournament. Not much else going on here.
Her shirt by the way reads, "I may be broke, but I'm not flat busted".

Now here's Hillary in college at the same age. Note the books in the background, she has probably read them all. She clearly doesn't care about what she's wearing or how she looks, it's all about what she's thinking. She was probably thinking about humanitarian efforts in Guatemala or something, and how she can help. Or maybe she's thinking about a woman's rights rally she will soon be marching in, and she ( gasp!) actually feels passionate about this.

Here's my synopsis of these photos:

Sarah: out for herself, into power, greed and title. Does not care one bit about anyone else. She will work hard to get the things she feels she deserves, regardless of how unethically she achieves them.

Hillary: out to save the world. Takes on huge global issues because she genuinely cares. She will give everything she has her entire life to see the global issues she passionately believes in come to fruition.

Hillary Clinton is one of Barack Obama's greatest assets in this election.
I hope America isn't actually ignorant enough to choose "Miss Wasilla" to be, as she says herself, "first in line to the presidency".