Sunday, September 21, 2008

Send me Hillary!


You decide!

From Hillforceone


Loki said...

Obama waiting to steal McCain Ideals like he stole hillary's

Who cares if McCain has 1 car or 1000 cars no one cares, like they don’t care,if he has 40 house of 8 houses..
Rich is rich that all there is, Just like, only the Obamanation Group, only they care if McCain has 100 million Dollars,

But to the rest of the world, No care if Obama has $4 million or McCain has $100million, because rich is rich, bottom line,
The only the Obama nation, care about it,, Obama need and wants the bubba Voters,
What is funny to watch is how Obama does not have an agenda, and when he was running against Hillary,
He put down her whole agenda, after that, He adopted her whole agenda, even the media reported this.

Now everyone is waiting for Obama to do 2 more things, he waiting for McCain to put his agenda he has into details.
so he can steal it like he did with Hillary, then he going to force Joe Biden out, and get Hillary clinton in,
Obama Is so desperate to win, He already doing things he claim he would not do, just like all the other shady republican candidate,Obama getting so much crap, from Michelle Obama she wants the white house,
She is dangerous, and she is the one behind Barack pushing Joe biden out of the way to make room for Hillary,, that is how bad, and desperate they want the white house,

El-Change-O! said...

Your a freak.

love23 said...

Loki, you are a very sad and lonely person. Seek help before it's too late.