Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The birth of Hillary Clinton Island

I have a bit of a cold today,so I decided to take a mid afternoon nap.
I was mid slumber, probably dreaming something about Hillary, when I heard rap-rap -rapping at my door.

It was none other than Chew-mee Moore, mumbling something about the birth of Hillary Clinton Island.
I really couldn't make out most of it, but what's new?

He,( or is it she?) eventually made it clear that he wanted a doll from my Barbie collection.
I was reluctant about giving away one of my Hillary dolls, so I forked over a Michelle doll instead.
He immediately decapitated it with a machete, and popped on a birdhead where her real head used to be.

He mumbled something about a bird Goddess, and tore off in his jeep.

I would like to think it was just a dream, but there's now a bird Goddess and the Hillary Clinton Island diorama in my living room.

Chess, anyone?


love23 said...

That's very cool! Love it! Still up for SCRABBLE? Call me in real time!

Charlene said...

Chew-Mee is scary and very talented. Love the bird head on the doll!

Anonymous said...

That's very cool! Love it!



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