Monday, March 23, 2009

Mother Eagle has landed!

The date is set for the "Flowers for Hillary" art show.
The opening will be Saturday, May 9th, at the Candelabra Gallery
in Tucson AZ.

Oh look, I have Hillary's blessing!

You too can have Hillary's blessing for the low, low price of 49.95 plus shipping!


Chew-Mee said...

Have Fun Big Brass,sorry I will not be there.I'll be in Canyon de Chelly for Buddha's birthday.You must have good karma to have art show on Vesak.

Charlene said...


Tour Wonk said...

I wanted to see a work of Hillary meeting Natalia!


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Chew-mee, Vesak is on May 2nd. But the full moon is on May 9th, so that's an added bonus.
Say Hi to Buddha for me!

love23 said...

And I will be in Houston, part of the Art Car Parade in the daytime and then the illuminated parade that evening! Spring has sprung!

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy the
Hill- Sprite.
I will send a check down with Mike.
Lynn in Tucson

Hillary Clinton Army said...

After all you have done for me, dear lady, I would love to give you the Hill-sprite.
I can't locate your address, so please e-mail it to me @ and I''ll put it in the mail.
Your other piece is still sitting in my studio.

Anonymous said...



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