Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chasing Hillary Chapter 2

The caterer I worked for is a lovely older woman named Shirley. She reminds me a bit of Doris Day with her classic style and elegance. Shirley catered these parties and only these parties, and had done so for years. No one would ever dare to hire anyone else. Shirley's daughters were her main helpers, and I just helped where I could.

Shirley called me and asked me if I could work a dinner Art Buchwald was having that night. I was to keep the word mum that President Clinton may be the guest of honor. I loved Art's house. Though it's an old New England house it's decor was straight from the 1970's. Some interior designer had decorated it in say, 1975, and it hadn't been touched since.
I loved the hopelessly optimistic banana yellow vinyl upholstery that was everywhere. It was a great complement to the gold crackled mirror tiles.

Art Buchwald

Art's house was buzzing with nervous energy and excitement that afternoon. Art had received word that, yes, President Clinton may be arriving, but they can never tell you for sure for security reasons.
We were all working in the kitchen when the phone rang. It was Bill Stryon. Bill and Rose would not be attending, as they had decided to throw a little house party of their own that night. Weird. Throw a party on the same night as Art's and not invite Art? Not have Shirley cater? A cardinal sin! And, hello, the President might be coming?

More phone calls. Walter Cronkite canceled. Then others. It didn't take long for the truth to come out. Bill and Rose Stryon invited President Clinton to THEIR house that night too, and that's where the President decided to go.

Walter Cronkite and Bill Clinton

Dinner was a somber affair. Art was livid. As we served dinner to this brooding bunch, it was clear that everyone was wishing they were down the street at the Styron's house.


Chew-Mee said...

Fun reading,makes me want to go back to writing my story about living over sea in the 80's/90's called "The Sloot"But it was getting to twisted so I stopped writing it.Check out this site,and look at the Shifter Knobs.I'm now going to my Rat Fink Phase in art.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Yes, I'm afraid where this one's quickly heading! Could get me into trouble!

Anonymous said...

This is going well.I remember that night . We were away and Doris was Dog sitting, She spoke of kneeling on the couch with Percy,looking out the front window as the Clinton's motorcade passed by on the way to Styrons. mom

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Nice story, Mom.

love23 said...

I commented on how great your story is yesterday but it got lost somewhere and it doesn't say deleted, a mystery. Kate

Charlene said...

I'm loving this story - keep going!!!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Kate, things mysteriously come and go lately on my blog... including my blog itself!
Thanks, Charlene!

Flying Mermaid said...

WOW! Bill, I don't care HOW fucking depressed you were -- that shit is TACKY!

Drooling for more, and know there already IS more --YAY!

Anonymous said...

Nice story........


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