Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ready or not

"Ready or not", it's a new game I'm going to play.

As I only have 6 weeks to basically make all the art for the "Flowers for Hillary" show,
I will post the piece I am making each day, "ready or not".
I'll post it before the sun goes down, so I can still take a decent photo of it.

Here's the first installation of "Ready or Not".

I started this one about an hour ago. It's drawn on tin.

Hour one down, and a hell of a lot to go.

Stay tuned for more fun and games with "Ready or Not"!


Charlene said...

I know you can do it! Nice goal...Can't wait to see the next installation before nightfall tomorrow (or before you head to work).

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Exactly, before I head to work, and in between other stuff I've got to do!

jess said...

Ready, ready, ready...

Anonymous said...




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