Monday, March 23, 2009

Flowers for Hillary

I'm in the process of nailing down my Tucson art show. It will be called "Flowers for Hillary", thus allowing me to broaden my theme a bit. Plus it allows me to build shrines with lots of flowers and candles.
I wanted to add "Plushies" into the title, but decided it was inappropriate.

"Demure for a moment"

I have to check on a thing or two before nailing down the date, but I believe it will be May 9th. It's Mother's day weekend, but it's been suggested I not to mention that.

Today I meet with a woman who is writing a book about the "Hillary Clinton Army". Believe it or not, it is to be published as "how-to" manual for a different approach into politics. She actually has a squad of people interested in this.
Who knew?

By the way, I need a sub-text for "Flowers for Hillary",
something that will grab the attention of Tucson hipsters.
You know......


Or whatever....

Anyone got any ideas?


kcmustang said...


a colorful international force

Germinating the International World

Seeds of International Success

.... i dont know ...where is wendy

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Those are really good, K.C. Thanks!

love23 said...

Hey Gretchen, wow your date has changed three times now, since yesterday, when I spoke to Colleena. I won't be able to attend with the latest date, cause I'll be in Houston by then. Yeah SCRABBLE sounds good, but tomorrow night sounds better, as I am a bit fried at the moment!

love23 said...

OK, now I understand why the change in date. I know it will be super fun!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

It's a done deal, the only bummer is you can't be there!
I tried to set the date with you in mind, but it just wasn't happening!

Tour Wonk said...

If you don't put plushies in there, I will take it as a personal dis.

How about that?

Tour Wonk said...

Oh and for your subtext...

I was going to launch into a big ol' diatribe about it but decided against it. Especially since I haven't had enough coffee to make sense.


Hillary Clinton Army said...

But I love diatribes that don't make any sense!

Anonymous said...

OK, now I understand why the change in date. I know it will be super fun!



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