Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chasing Hillary Chapter 8


"Hi, this is Jamie Brazil, we met in Scranton. Hillary wants to know where that car of yours is?"
I had just returned home from joining the campaign trail in Pennsylvania with my Hillcar.

The last 10 days I'd had the time of my life. After having so much fun, I was feeling disappointed to be back home and returning to my regular life. I desperately wanted to get right back on the campaign trail. I was positively thrilled that Hillary's cousin, Jamie Brazil was on the other end of the line.
"Hi Jamie, I put the Hillcar back on a trailer in Pennsylvania, and it's heading back to Arizona right now".
"Well Hillary loves it and she asked me to tell you so. She wants it out with the campaign. She also LOVES your pantsuits. I just spoke with her and she said "And what about that pantsuit. Ha!" She really got a kick out of it. So about the car. When can you get it back out on the trail?"
"Where does she want it?" I asked. If Hillary wanted it on the moon, I think I would have found a way to get it there.
"I'm having a meeting with her this afternoon. I'll ask her where she wants it and get back to you."

Jamie Brazil

That night I dreamt of 50 Hillarys running around in red blazers.
Two days later, I was on a airplane heading for North Carolina to meet the Hillcar and a shipment of 50 Hillary masks.


Charlene said...

You were summoned by the Hill Woman herself. How cool is that!

Tour Wonk said...

your passion channged the way so many people saw this presidential race...

Those Arizonans for Hillary were so lucky to have found you!!!!

Anonymous said...

U gained good passion....



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