Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hillary Clinton comic book

Oh look, someone has come out with a Hillary Clinton comic book!
My main problem here is the same company also came out with a comic book about Sarah Palin, Caroline Kennedy, and Michelle Obama. My question is, where's the Cindy McCain comic book?

I'm all for a Hillary Clinton comic book, but I think it should be made by a true blue Hillary lover, like...oh, how about..... me!


Charlene said...

Sounds like a plan to me - I think your stories on the inside of the comic book will be far more entertaining. And, I love the cover!

Tifom said...

Hello Dear,

CNN also reported about the new comic book.

Can't wait to hold it in my hands :-)

I have posted it on my blog:

Hillary Clinton Army said...

That's where I saw the story. I love your blog!

Tifom said...

And I do love you paintings! Specialy Hill in Space. Very nice :-)

Hill Force One said...

You can preorder it from

Anonymous said...

Good reporting....



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