Friday, March 6, 2009

Chasing Hillary Chapter 7


I have never been much for T.V. I stopped watching T.V. in 1981, when I left home for art school.
My heyday of television was in the early 70's. The main T.V. excitement of the week took place on Friday nights, when both the Partridge Family AND The Brady Bunch aired. Ya Hoo!
I ate it up the styles, the colors, the bright Mondrain look. To this day, I consider these shows be some of my main artistic influences.
Dressing up like Shirley Partridge was something I did in the 80's and 90's on a fairly regular basis. I always had a velvet suit, a ruffley shirt, and a blonde Shirley wig on hand. "Shirley" came on stage and sang background "ba da das" at many of our band's shows.

I painted all of my art cars in an underlying Mondrian background.

I also painted Shirley pretty often.

"Shirley takes a break" 1996

In fact, I made most of my paltry living as a New York street artist selling "Shirley Shrines".

Shirley Shrine 1996

Hillary's resemblance to Shirley was never lost on me. I connected those dots a long time ago.

Enter Hillary Clinton.


Flying Mermaid said...

You are a miracle of random dot-connectery! (Not that there's anything random about the Shirley/Hillary connection, but still.)

love23 said...

Remember you still have two very good undeveloped MELMAC's of Shirley Partridge, and they are well preserved. We should do a couple more Melmac's next week. I know Charlene wants to and Jesse, maybe even Jade, could be fun! Happy Darn Birthday Again! love you, KATE

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I love me some Melmac, Kate!

Anonymous said...

You are a miracle of random dot-connectery


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