Sunday, March 29, 2009

Europe or bust!

For the last couple of years I've had an overwhelming desire to have an art show in Europe.
Besides an amazing family trip to Germany when I was in art school ( thanks Mom and Dad!), I've never really been there.
Just a few days ago it occured to me to ask myself this question...
"Why am I waiting around for someone to ask me to have an art show in Europe?"
Duh, it's time to make this happen!

So there I am, ruminating on which country would most appreciate a Hillary Clinton INTERNATIONAL art show, and along comes
in my favorite Hillary blog, All Things Hillary Clinton.

...and the winner is.......



Is Kosovo even a country?
I'm confused!

Kosovo is a territory that is only tenuously recognized as a country by the United Nations, due to the actions of our very own, Bill Clinton.
A country clinging to the Clinton's coattails for fear of extinction?

This I can relate to.

Tell me more!


love23 said...

What a GREAT IDEA! Make it happen, GB! I know you will.

Flying Mermaid said...

Oh my god, that is amazing! Not only do I know you can make it happen, but I'm guessing you'll make it happen soon enough to have your next meal at the Hilary Restaurant! A Hilary restaurant and boutique! You must be dying!!!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I want to go to the Hillary Disco too!
I'm waiting for Bill to get back from Sarajevo and give me the scoop!

Louise S. Monkey said...

Can I go with you? You do know I speak Albanian, Serbian and Turkish right?

kcmustang said...

i may be going to France and Spain in is calling me as well

Chew-Mee said...

U should go, if I had a buch of "ALF" Paintings in Costa Rica back in'89 I would have made millions!

Ed Swezey said...

Hey, if you want to see/hear Hillary greeting the President and Prime Minister of Kosovo, go the the State Department site. She met with them about 3 weeks ago. There is really a special affinity between Kosovo and the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Thankyou Ed, I will!
Chew-mee, do you mean you had an Alf obsession?
You do mean that alien ant-eater, don't you?

Sarah said...

Since I probally wont be able to make your show in AZ... I will definitely have to make it to Kosovo! That would be a hella good time

Anonymous said...

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