Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hillary art through the ages

These past couple of years I've made a lot of Hill-art and had a few different headquarters.

My first Hillary art Headquarters was called "El-Change-O!" It was clearly the most grand, and definitely the most expensive.

My next studio was out on my land in the desert. It is a little shack with no electricity or running water. It's fun but can be problematic.

Hill-art treasure trove!

My current studio is in my house, not bad for the time being.

And of-course I always have my traveling Hillcar to work on!

Today I posted "Hillart for sale", to your right.
I decided I need to keep the Hillary art moving, as my house is bursting at the seams with the stuff! Hillary continues to be my muse, so I'm just going to go right on painting her. I'm pricing everything very affordably, and will be added more on a regular basis.
Check it out!


QueenV said...

omg that blue one is gorgeous :) i definitely want to save up & buy one :) so kewl

Charlene said...

I can't figure out which "blue one" QueenV is talking about. Four of them have blue in them. Anyway, I love them all, too! I'm saving up for the flowers, though. Who knows...a Hillary may make it to my wall as well. That's my goal, anyway!

QueenV said...

oh sorry... in the picture with the hillary welcome sign & with the two gold hillary masks... there's a painting done in shades of blue it looks like... so gorgeous :)

Charlene said...

Now I see it! Yeah, that one is great!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Oh ya, Blue Hillary. Thanks, Queen V!

Anonymous said...



more later ------off to Hyannis.

Tour Wonk said...

I love that is's your birtday and I have at least 4 places to post a birthday lovie wish to you...

You are amazing GB!

Happy Fucking Birthday Baby!!!!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

You got me again, Wen!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing GB!



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