Friday, March 27, 2009

Ready or not, it's an art show!

Today's game of "Ready or Not!" comes in the form of..... AN ART SHOW!

I will be showing all weekend at SamPoe gallery.

The opening is tomorrow, Saturday, from noon till 5 PM.
I will be there from noon till 2:30.

Come on down for a drink, a snack, and some eye candy.

From the Hillcar....

To the gallery.


Rancho de las Fincas said...

Time to stop playing with sock monkeys and put my nose to to grind stone,as well.Watch out I hear there is a new blog out there.Paintings look great,you can get 30 done in a month and I can't even 3 done.But then again I do have a Kingdom to build ya know! Yep time to put Chew-Mee and the Eel to bed.And get ready for "Esteban" See you tomorrow for one last Eel Dance.

Charlene said...

So, Chew-Mee, which gallery is the Eel Dance gonna be at?

Gretchen, your work looks great on SamPoe's gallery wall. I look forward to popping by and seeing it in person.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

O.K., Esteban, you better get crackin', you've got a kingdom to build!

Jess said...

Good show!

Louise S. Monkey said...

I LOVED the free wine...

Anonymous said...

Great show......



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Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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