Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ask Hillary Clinton!

Dear Hillary,
After months of torturous debate, I've finally made a decision. I am going to attend the Democratic Convention! Due to high gas prices, however, I will not be driving the Hillcar. My friend Chili Cilch and I bought our plane tickets yesterday, and will be in there in Denver rooting for you!

Chili and Lil' Hill.

My question to you is older than John Mccain himself. It's the first question any woman asks before packing her bags.
Hillary, what ever should I wear?

You have often admired my "Hillsuits" ( each one is personally signed by you!). My first thought is to take my Hillsuits off ice, and bring them out in all their glory once again!

But then I think, "been there, done that!". I imagine you thinking "Oh, it's that woman again, why doesn't she get a life, move on, and get some new clothes!"

There's always the classic "Hillary Clinton Army Wear". This look, however, always left people scratching their heads.

I could always work up an "Secret Agent for Mother Eagle" look. I'd be able to sneak around and gather important information!

But then I think "Boooring!" If I'm not getting loads of attention, what is the point of even going to the convention?

Hillary, I'm stumped and I really do need your help! Should I invent some new schtick, or bring out one of the old ones?


Desperately seeking Hillary


love23 said...

Have you called DANDO yet? I'm glad that you are going! I think you should DEFINITELY wear the HILLARY pantsuits, and also the HCA look, they are both, very styling looks, for any occasion. Very glad to hear you did not listen to that video in it's entirety, I was getting a bit worried about that, since our music tastes have always been so similar. Woo I sigh a sigh of relief! MotherEaglePamperer

kcmustang said...

I say....your an artist...wear your art it is amazing and Hillary loved the suits!! At least bring them the HCA wear but you are always stylin no matter what you wear

have a great time!!