Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something's rotten in Denver!

I don't know about you, but my head is full of conspiracy theories these days. Too many of Hillary's delegates seem to be dropping off and/or dropping dead. I've heard multitudes of stories from friends working with Hillary delegates or who are delegates themselves, about the Obama campaign using fear tactics, threats, and intimidation to force Hillary delegates to support Barrack. Many have been quietly and not so quietly removed and replaced with Obama delegates. These were the lucky ones.
At least they live to tell the tale. Some weren't quite so lucky. Take for instance Bill Gwatney, a close friend of Hillary's and a Clinton super delegate for Arkansas. He was murdered a couple of weeks ago. Now Stephanie Tubbs Jones is dead, one of Hillary's top supporters and super delegate for Ohio.
Dianne Feinstein will also not be attending the Democratic National Convention due to a broken ankle. She is also one of Hillary's top supporters, and is of-course a super delegate. She was going to chair California's delegation in Denver. I for one am getting suspicious!
Coincidence or conspiracy...
you decide.


Martyn said...


INSO Franks said...

Miss Baer,We have some more information on the Chew-Mee Moore case.After looking over all her belonging that she kept in a Nike shoe box.We have come to understand that Chew-Mee was in fact a spy from the Obama Camp.She was send to the HCA to learn your ways.It also turns out that Chew-Mee is the reason for Hillary's 20 million dollar debt.We found a receipt for that amount from Safeway for Red-Bull,Sake and Eel Shusi.We also have just found out the she escaped the road block we had set up for her in Texas.She got away by slide out of the bus toilet so now her skin has a blue tint to it.

El-Change-O! said...

INSO Franks, after racking my brains for the past 2 days, and the name "Chew-mee" finally rings a bell.
Wait till Mother Eagle hears about this!

faroutadventure said...

If they release the Michigan and Florida delegates, which they should, and let the (823) Superdelegates vote along with the 37 delegate votes from abroad, then Hilary would get the nomination. This is a repeat of the 1972 Democratic convention. McGovern got the nomination after Humphrey declared victory in the primaries. In 1972, many Dems threw their vote for Nixon. He won in a land slide election. The same thing could happen here. Hilary should get the nomination and give the Dems a chance against McCain.

Hilary's V.P.? Bill, of course. They would win hands down.