Friday, August 8, 2008

Hillary's response to "Ask Hillary Clinton!"

Dear Gretchen,

I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to answer your question yesterday at my first live blog session with my supporters.
We were overwhelmed by the number of questions that we received and so we were forced to rely on the carefully crafted questions that a small group of supporters, my staff, came up with the night before. See the reason for the live blog session was to openly reassure Senator Obama that I have embraced his covert offer to become the unofficial Ambassador to Women. As a special interest group, women, including myself, can be quite pesky in their demands, which makes me the most natural choice for "point-man" on women's issues in an Obama administration.

Having said that, namely that I have subverted my ambitions in order to retain the power that I have painstakingly built, I am sure you have noticed the drastic change in my voice. Although my new voice is not new at all. It's the voice that I had during my tenure in the Senate before running for higher-office. Gretchen, you must realize that I am first and foremost a politician and a good one at that. So get with the program, drop the militancy, put on a pretty face and go with the flow.

But between you and I, the voice I cultivated on the campaign trail persists in me and it requires some outlet and so I accept your offer to answer any questions your readers may have in the Hillary voice that they so desperately miss. I'll begin by answering your question. The call for a show of art inspired by me is a great idea, although I would like to curate this show. I have particular tastes, especially in how I like to be represented. Having said that, under no circumstances will Sarah Ferguson be allowed to participate in this show. To give you a sense of my aesthetics I have supplied a link to a tender song that one of my supporters wrote for me and which I have posted on my Hillary blog.

Listen to this song while you envision the upcoming "Hillary" show. Let it inspire you and keep the hope of me alive in your heart and mind.

Sincerely yours,



The Handy Goddess said...

I don’t have a question for Hillary but I do want to say it has been a pleasure reading these letters. I’ve enjoyed gaining even more insight into her. We’ve been hearing her speak as a woman and a politician. She really is a Mother Eagle.

Looking back, what was manifested in her world was the ultimate opponent. And Hillary went to battle while standing her ground the entire time. She took a huge blow and now she’s picked herself up, put the vision back in place and is moving forward. There is so much to respect in that.

Anonymous said...

wait... that's Wailing Weaver!!

Anonymous said...

No --No---- Thats Peter Simon with loose teeth!!!!!!!!Granny-o

Hillary said...

Dear handy goddess, I'm so grateful for the amazing support you continue to show me. Your kind words mean so much to me, and I'll never forget all you've done for me.

Dear anonymous and anonymous, your ridicule of my supporter and her creative efforts weighs heavy on my conscience. My only wish is that you could open your heart and receive the inspired verse this woman gives us through song.

Anonymous said...

Well ,Gretchen----now that you have blown my cover,as the Martha's Vineyard Agent, I will have to tell you that the O in Granny-O is really for Ospery--Granny Osprey sits high on her perch spying on all beneath her.She is swift with eyes like optic diamonds and beak of steel.She has seen Mother Eagle pass beneath her perch many times and always gives the dear Lady safe passage and will always do so.

love23 said...

Hey Big Brass, I can't even believe that you made it thru to the end of that music video, that is certainly painful to my ears, and I could only take 20 seconds. I know supporters come in all styles, but I draw the limit in listening to that rendition. Over and out!

El-Change-O! said...

Granny-O! Never have those optic diamonds been of more use to the H.C.A. than right now! We need to know if Mother eagle will be passing beneath your perch next week. If she keeps to her usual migratory patterns, she and Bill should be coming your way next week. Please fly over to Ted Dansen's and spy on Bill's Birthday party if at all possible!

Love 23, I didn't say I made it to the end of that video! I don't think any mortal can, so why was it on Hillary's blog? Hmmm...