Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Checklist for Denver

1. Bag of Hillary masks

2. Scary Obama Girl costumes

3. 8' by 10' "Hillary Clinton Army Wants You!" sign

4. H.C.A. buttons and cards, Hillary paraphernalia

5. camera, video camera, computer

5. toothbrush

Am I forgetting anything?


Chew-Mee said...

Yes MissGB! U forget to take me.1st u tell me u no go, den I spend all my money for trophy project.Thats ok have fun I will be fine here.............ALL BY MY SELF!!!

Jeanne said...

Chew-Mee !!! Come to NYC - I will pay all travel expenses for unlimited eel dances.
Red Bull Sake Bombers for all !!!

Tour Wonk said...

GB!!! You are really going!!! Good for you!!!

I send you safe wishes for your travels, my dear!


Chew-Mee said...

Dat sound great Jeanne!I so sick of being slave for HCA!Chew-Mee make me sake-bomber!,CM make Arunas shushi!,CM make trophy!,CM do eel dance!CM,CM,CM!Is all I hear all day every day!I feel like I still working at the Nike Factory in Bangkok!And when the time come I get left behind in dat dirt.I so mad it make me want to become Obama-Girl.So yes I will come to NYC,can u take me to go see Mama Mia?

Jeanne said...

Chew-Mee - I will take you to see Wed. matinée of Jersey Boys - Mamma Mia is sold out. Is rear mezzanine row ZK okay for you? I can ship you overnight via FedEx - Do you have a large box?
xoxo see you soon. I will stock up on Red Bull.

Chew-Mee said...

Jersey Boy? Wat dat?Is dat like a NYC ladyboy?

El-Change-O! said...

Chew-mee, I'm sorry that when you decided to come with me to Denver, I decided not to go. I only decided I would go once I got you off my, ah I mean... it was just a coincidence that I changed my mind after I knew you blew all your cash making that trophy!

Karen said...

I do not understand how as supporters of Hillary you could consider voting for John McCain. During the Clinton administration John McCain attacked a lovely young innocent woman called Chelsea Clinton. He said "why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno." Also check out his "rape" joke. This man does not respect women and you disrespect Hillary by supporting McCain. Check this out. Also check out McCain laughing when one of his supporters called Hillary a "bitch". and have you ever noticed how Cindy always walks behind him?

faroutadventure said...

If they release the Michigan and Florida delegates, which they should, and let the (823) Superdelegates vote along with the 37 delegate votes from abroad, then Hilary would get the nomination. This is a repeat of the 1972 Democratic convention. McGovern got the nomination after Humphrey declared victory in the primaries. In 1972, many Dems threw their vote for Nixon. He won in a land slide election. The same thing could happen here. Hilary should get the nomination and give the Dems a chance against McCain.

Hilary's V.P.? Bill, of course. They would win hands down.