Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's talk politics...

After my year and a half foray into politics, it's my understanding that politics is mainly about fashion. So let's talk politics...

I've decided that campaign wear at the conventionis a giant no-no. It's yesterday's news that verges on pathetic. So I've decided on the "subtle yet elegant" look.
I'll be wearing a black t-shirt with "Hillary " written in black sparkly writing. A black leather ripped-up skirt with an "H.R.C." monogram, also in black sparkles, and Black lace-up boots, of-course.
Top this off with a pork-pie hat with furry donkey ears.
For night, I'm adding a black floor-length sheer duster, and a hideous gold sparkle short-sleeve jacket with shoulder pads to make even Joan Crawford blush.
This this the only outfit I'm bringing, so I won't waste time photographing it now. You'll be seeing it plenty over the next few days. I think it should work well with the "Obama Girl" look I'll also be working. I think it will add that "touch of class" to any of my many Hillary masks I'll be toting along.
"Subtle yet elegant" is feeling like my ticket to the convention.


Chew-Mee said...

Ah! Now dis is nice! Afta crawling out of bus toilets and being in a sh*t storm! Today I'm on da beach in Mexico in my eel skin thong and sombrero,drinking a Red-Bull Sake Margarita.Now dat I got away from INSO Franks again!hahaha I can go back to writing dis story about McCaine.I hope u have a good time in Denver but I should tell u dat Lousie told INSO Franks everting about the plan!She will do anyting for a Q-T iv drip.Now I'm going to give you one hint about my story..........What happened in Siagon back in 1967? mmmmmmmmm.....Revenge is a dish best served cold,so dat say.

El-Change-O! said...

Chew-mee, while your sitting on the beach in Mexico, drunk on Red Bull margaritas, reflect on this.
Agent Louise and I are on our way to Denver right now! Operation "Secure Mother Eagle" is in full swing, and just you try and stop us!
If I were you I'd get back on board now, so that you still have a room at the White House!

Chew-Mee said...

GB and Louise, I wish you the best of luck on your mission.And I sorry I betrayed the HCA.But I made a promise to my mother as she lay dying in my arms in that rice patty all those years ago.So now I must now go on own mission and it is much harder than yours.I must try to bring the PUMA's together to stop McCaine! Or as I like to call it Operation "Stop Grampa Chipmunk!"So yes I am giving up the bid on the China room no one wanted to live next to me anyway.