Monday, August 25, 2008

H.C.A. reporting from Denver

We're here!


John said...


Just some honest questions:

If Hillary is now supporting Barack Obama, who we believe to be a bad guy, doesn't that mean she is bad for supporting him?

If she is just pretending, however, or doing it for the sake of the party but really feels differently, wouldn't that make her a fake/phony/hypocrite/fraud/liar?

If she is geniune in her support, and we believe in her experience and judgement, shouldn't we then support a candidate she supports and not sit at home/vote for someone else who doesn't represent our values?

I would really appreciate any honest answers to these questions.


DiscoPuma said...

If someone you love is being robbed, do you stand there and watch?

Manganeech said...

I think that when you are out to pick one person to make decisions for this whole diverse nation on every large social, economic, and geo-political issue, you can't over-simplify the candidates as "good" or "bad. Hillary believes (as do I) that she has the best vision, experience and ability to be president. When faced with not winning the nomination she then has to look for the person that would come closest to her ideals. Obama is not Hillary's ideal choice, he is just the best choice of the available options. Compromise is necessary in politics (and the rest of life). There is not a single person in any job that is perfect and beyond criticism. On the big issues like the war, the economy, a women's right to choose, health care and poverty, Obama is a better option than McCain.
Hillary is NOT a quitter. If she thought she still had a viable shot, she would still be fighting for the presidency. I trust her judgement that backing Obama is a necessary compromise for the health of the nation.

love23 said...

WOW Manganeech, Your comment really makes sense! I feel the same way but couldn't have verbalized it this well. I do think Obama is a way better choice than McCain, and everyone should realize that, and vote for Obama! There is no other option, write ins for names not on the ballot don't help the situation at all!

Chew-Mee said...

Dat is right! It is now time bring the party together,and send Grampa Chipmunk back to Scottsdale with his ex-stipper wife! Well dat what she look like to me.40 years I wait for dis moment,soon everybody know the truth the eel truth about Mr.McCain! GB I riding a Donkey to Denver I b there soon.

El-Change-O! said...

I agree we need to send Grandpa chipmunk packing. I just wish I was excited about voting for Obama.
I'm not, but I will.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe you should pretend he's a member of The Partridge Family.

Jesse said...

HA, might be on to something!!