Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hillary says

Hillary says she is too busy this week to be involved with "The Great paint-off". As Obama is on vacation, she explains, the spotlight is back on her for the week. Hillary says next week will work just fine. So stay tuned for the "Great Paint-Off!"... next week!

Too busy.


kcmustang said...

I see that she is clearly disgusted with the whole John Edwards fall out and more disappointed in the effect his wife Elizabeth had on her campaign early on.
If you remember she razzed Hillary about making "choices" that made her happier and that she neglected her husband....or something to that effect. I know she referenced something like if you can't keep a happy home how can you run country. Her comments didn't help and John Edwards was still in the race at the time.

Anonymous said...

I have a raw feeling about the "all or nothing" nature of politics,like it's a big football game,and a numbers game.The quality of personalities and ideas seems to take a back seat to running a foot race. In a way it would almost be a better solution to model the Olympics having 3 winners,rather than just one,using the elections as sorting out 1st,second,third in the standings. I also wish the presidency was shared by committee to avoid corruption and trouble pertaining to the physical health of ONE individual having ANY effect on the health and running of the country.I don't want "down-time" while a (single)president has an operation,or has a falling out with the wife from some sexual affair(Edwards,Bill Clinton).When Bill Clinton ducked out of impeachment heat that weakenned the country in my opinion.The mid-east wasn't his interest,did nothing and wasted precious presidential time.The Dems historical weak international policy disrupts a stable,consistent presence outside U.S.,and that's painful to me. I really hate war.I hate warmore than I hate a bad,lagging economy.We have been shuffled around never worse than the fake WMD's and the resulting cave-in of 9-11 being a total set-up by this gov't to get us back into Daddy's war from the 90's.