Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today we will be part of the Hillary parade. We are getting on our costumes now and heading over to the Puma Pac.
For the record, today is the day when I say "Uncle". I give, it's a bitter pill to swallow, but better that than seeing Roe VS. Wade over-turned and the U.S. in a hundred year war. This doesn't mean I will be an Obama supporter, I only promise to vote for him. O.K.? The Hillary Clinton Army shall prevail!
I'll post photos of the parade this afternoon. I wonder how many people will be in it? Yesterday we walked around all day and we saw a total of ONE supporter. I ran up to her and told her she is an endangered species. She said she knows and she's hoping she doesn't get shot.


Chew-Mee said...

I have Red-Bull Sake Bombes and Eel Sushi for everyone today.

Anonymous said...

a vote for Obama is a vote against Hillary. Obama will use his power to crush her and keep her down.

love23 said...

A vote for Obama is a vote against MCCAIN and counts very much! Vote for Obama!

Anonymous said...

Allright, as a Canadian who recognizes that he has no right to vote in the U.S. I would like to ask America to vote for Obama. If it helps think of it as voting democrat. I like hillary clinton. This isn`t a personal spite against her. I just can`t deal with another 4 years of Republican rule. Despite the fact that I`m not an American citizen, this election profoundly affects me and pretty much everyone else in the world. I don`t dislike John McCain as a person, however if I have to live through 4 more years of someone who ``agrees with bush 95% of the time``, I`m gonna blow my brains out. Please democrat this election: if not for Hillary, or America, or the rest of the world, then for me; a Canadian kid who doesn`t have a say.

Anonymous said...

Obama used dirty tricks (like lying accusations of "racism") to unfairly defeat Hillary. I would never vote for someone who stoops that low. I'd rather not vote at all.

There comes a time to consider my personal integrity more than political pragmatism.

I'll wait for Hillary to come back in 4 years. She has been abandoned and betrayed by the DNC and Ted Kennedy and all the rest. I won't betray her, too, by voting for her enemy - regardless of what the 'powers that be' are forcing her to say right now.

kcmustang said...

Don't discount Hillary she is going to be amazing tonight and no one is going to force her to be amazing. She is a woman who can step into reality more elequently than anyone i know and at a time when most would want to run from reality.

I am not going to do cartwheels to the voting booth, unless of course i have had my share of sake bombers, i may be in a very cranky mood that day but i know i will only go to vote in an attempt to spare us of everyone being cranky for another 4 years.

GB I am right there with you girlfriend and wish i was next to you to hear Hillary once again. Thank you again for encouraging me to get my arse to Kentucky I will hold on to that memory forever! ...til 2012???

El-Change-O! said...

I look forward to hearing Hillary tonight. Although I think we all can guess most of what she'll say, it will be good to hear her voice again!
As I told a few reporters today " I'll vote for Obama, but my heart is with Hillary".