Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton!

Dear Mr. Clinton,
I hope you are having a fabulous Birthday! If by chance you are celebrating your birthday on Martha's Vineyard, please tell your secret servicemen not to shoot that colorful lady in the tree! That's my mother, Granny-O!, "Secret Agent to Mother Eagle", on a mission.
As the Martha's Vineyard "Eyes and Ears of the H.C.A.", she is only doing her job. We hope she reports back that you are having a wonderful time, and that you didn't even know she was there, ( her bird calls sound more like cat calls, please ignore them). I keep telling her that her primary colors for camo defeat the purpose, but she never listens to me!
Please send a glass of champagne up to her when your party is winding down.

Gretchen Baer
Leader of the Hillary Clinton Army

P.S. Here are some fun photos I took of you both. I think you and Hillary are like Royalty and 70's sit-com parents, all rolled into one! Classic and groovy at the same time!

Here's one of Hillary I had over-looked till now.


Anonymous said...

D'ya think he's still gettin' "serviced" by women other than Hillary(WOTH)?
Wonder who gave him his birthday b@#wjob?

El-Change-O! said...

Am I supposed to answer that?

Chew-Mee said...

I will answer den,I give him everyting!! From Eel Dance to around da world!! He have very happi ending on him b-day!!

Hillary said...

ahem...I don't "service". I am "serviced". Got it?!