Friday, August 8, 2008

The Hillary Clinton Army "Great Paint-Off"!

Special delights await you this week in the H.C.A.! Sarah Ferguson and I hope to entertain you with "The Great Paint-Off!", which shall take place this Tuesday or Wednesday, ( date and time still undecided). This is not a contest, it's simply our idea of fun! What's more delightful than the combination of oil paint, good wine, and a great audience? We will be trading the paintings after they are dry.
Sarah and I will both have a blank canvas with a Presidential seal, to confirm it's authenticity. At the same moment we shall begin painting, and at the same moment we shall end. We will be posting photo updates and commentary of our progress through-out the day. Subject matter will not be limited to Hillary, but we both are unclear as to if there is any subject more worthy.
Start planning your choice of wine for this event, I know we both are!

I'll post the date and time over the weekend!


Anonymous said...

I think that the Handy Goddess should be the 3rd Painter in this Paint-Off---What a blast!!! By the way---how the hell do I escape Anonymous? She haunts me like a bad dream.My computer skills are not the best. I need to dispose of her posthaste.At heart ,I am really Granny-o-------oh oh ,here she comes again-----------------BANG!!!!

El-Change-O! said...

Granny-O! You are psychic! I had thought the same thing. But since this will be our trial run,( we hope to make this a regular thing), we need to work out the bugs!
Once we get going it would be great if others want to play!

El-Change-O! said...

.... and the Handy Goddess, well wouldn't that be great!

Anonymous said...

Hey---It's so great to hear again from the Flying Mermaid how about a paint -off at her Castle--I follow her Blogs(where are you Emily?) That is the most amazing place that exists in Southern A.Z granny-o

The Handy Goddess said...

Oh yes can I be in the paint off too? That would be perfect.
The Handy Goddess

El-Change-O! said...

Wow, of-course you can, Handy Goddess! I'll contact you tomorrow! Gretchen