Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Call to Adventure!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling restless for an adventure!
I dream of Mother Eagle calling upon the H.C.A. for a Top Secret mission on the coast of Spain.
We must disguise ourselves as nuns in an ancient convent. 
The evil nuns of the convent are secretly preparing to destroy the world and we must learn their secrets in order to stop them!  (Click to enlarge photos).

We are sent to the convent disguised as "Mother Eagle's Royal Academy of Painting Nuns", and must paint ourselves out of some dire situations!

Under our habits we wear silver scuba gear to investigate these evil nun's secret underwater headquarters.
   Meanwhile, Hillary, Oops, I mean Mother Eagle gives her orders from the Eagle's nest. ( Click to enlarge). Mother Eagle and the Evil Mother Superior are mortal enemies, and Mother Eagle has vowed to avenge her.

After we bust this case wide open, a secret cache of Hillary art located in Bisbee Arizona, becomes worth A FORTUNE!
Whew! This calls for a musical interlude!


Jess said...

Yeah you did it! Now HOW did you do it?

Louise S. Monkey said...

I just happen to have an old nun disguise...Should we meet behind St. Patrick's, say 6pm?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

It just clicked!
6 PM, but croquet has got to be involved!

Anonymous said...

I just happen to have an old nun disguise..



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